Clash within the Conservative Party with Candidate Deepak Obhrai – Canadian Values Debate Turns Dangerous

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The federal Conservative Party is in a heated debate about the immigrants and things aren’t looking so well, as candidates show disdain for one another. It’s also destroying the party’s right to have a long-term election, in order to find the right candidate who isn’t biased.

According to Deepak Obhrai, the MPP of the conservative party, debate on the matter of immigration has created a toxic environment that is affecting all people of color, including him.

When he stepped on the stage for the debate, a candidate refused to shake his hand because of his immigrant status. In an interview he said, “First time only ever, in my debate in Alberta, a guy refused to shake my hand”.

He stressed the fact that though he is an immigrant but when he steps on stage, he is a Canadian and will work hard to satisfy his party. He believes that by getting into these kinds of politics and creating wedges, we are provoking people to act differently. A lesson which can be learned from the accident that append in Quebec.

On the other hand, Kellie Leitch still believes that by screening visitors for Canadian values can be a great way to find the motives behind immigrants and refugees seeking asylum. She also opposes the anti-Islamophobia motion and doesn’t want Sharia Law to enter Canada.

Obhrai believes that promoting a test for Canadian values will make the Conservative Party look like as if they are against immigration. Though, he did say that Leitch is not racist, he believes that by tapping into this matter, people might fear coming to Canada.

Obhrai is amongst the 14 candidates who are participating for the Conservative Party’s leadership. A decision will be taken on May 4. Obhrai says that if he is chosen for the leadership role, his seven years prove that he will work with honesty and integrity.