More Refugees – Coming Soon to Canada Near You!

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When it comes to Canada’s refugee intake, the Trudeau Administration seems to be taking things cool – perhaps too cool. Not too long ago, images of Mounties helping asylum seekers sneak into Canada emerged, which in reality is a tip of the iceberg. If important issues such as the lax state of the Canada-US border isn’t taken care of soon, according to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, things can go sideways very quickly, especially with asylum seekers in the US start streaming north and into Canada.

This would be a serious problem because according to Canada’s new minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, his department has been woefully ill equipped to handle refugees who are pouring into the country from elsewhere already, leave alone the Canada-US border.

Back in 2004, the Safe Third Country Agreement between the US and Canada decreased the cross border trickle of refugees, but those numbers started to climb fast once Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. One of the reasons for the influx of asylum seekers from the US into Canada is said to be due to the current US president’s harsh outlook on the refugee problem, and its implementation of a ban on certain predominately Muslim countries.

According to more recent reports, refugees from countries such as Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Eritrea, Libya and Yemen are already packing up and heading North since Trump’s Executive Order 13769 also known as the “Muslim Ban” was put into effect. And even though the order was suspended by order of the court just days after it was put into effect, that hasn’t stopped the steady trickle of refugees who are crossing the Canada-US border, which doesn’t look to slow down in the coming months. While Canada’s refugee resettlement numbers have been far generous as compared to the US, the American security controls are going to prove to be a major problem for Canada, which already looks to be ill equipped to handle the situation. The influx of new refugees from not only other countries but from the US is going to be a serious issue for both the government and the people.


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