Prime Minister Trudeau Under Fire by Canadian Union of Public Employees for Promises Unfulfilled

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CUPE’s national secretary-treasurer, Charles Fleury is none to pleased with PM Trudeau. For him, what Trudeau promised is an obstacle that has yet to be passed. According to Fleury, “The PM has adopted a very different tone to his predecessor and it’s just a front”.

In 2015, Trudeau wrote a letter that was addressed to the public servants of Canada, which said that he will repair any damage left behind by Stephen Harper, his predecessor.

An year under his rule and Canada’s trade unions are still struggling. According to several Federal employees, the negotiations that were done under Harper’s government are still being followed under Trudeau’s government. Employment insurance benefits are still reduced, public service jobs have been cut and the government pushed to introduce pension plans with benefits.

Many people in the public service had a say in the matter, one of who was Vice president Magali Picard of Public Service Alliance of Canada. She said, “He promised us he would do things differently throughout his campaign. The whole country is relying on him. It’s time he kept his promises and put his words into action”.

The CUPE started a campaign in 2016 that covered points like increased wages, subcontracting and employee rights. Since then, a change has been seen in areas regarding staff resurrecting and sick leaves.

At Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, the staff is still waiting for some positive changes and Vice President Stéphane Aubry is hoping that their time will come around soon.

Lastly, the European Union and Canada was also not pleased with the economic trade agreement. They believe that by giving companies too much power, inequalities will be seen and jobs will be lost. It’s time for PM Trudeau to step up for what he had promised or it he will have a huge chaos on his hands.