Rejection Rate of Canadians Rises On the U.S. Border

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What was heard as a rumor about Canadians being rejected at the U.S. border has taken an alarming turn as statistics show that Canadian visitors were and are indeed being turned away from the border.

John Kelly, Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security met with PM Trudeau on Friday, 10th March to discuss about asylum seekers seeking access in Canada. However, according to the statistics, the numbers have increased significantly and are proving to be a problem for Canadian travelers who are southbound.

Last year, the U.S. border turned away around 27,772 people, which amounted to a 6.7% increase from the 2015. The reason for the rejection can be anything from improper travel documents to, criminal record or border guards having suspicions. The agents have been given free reign to act in whatever way they deem necessary depending on the situation.

Canadian lawyers have reported that their clients have been rejected for no reason whatsoever. People who used to cross the border without any checks, are now detained and face a long interrogation. The part that is most alarming is border agents question people on Mr. Trump’s government and on their Muslim faith.

According to Stéphane Handfield, Montreal’s immigration lawyer, the guards can do whatever they want, even if it means crossing a line. Speaking fondly about Obama, the former president of the U.S, she said, “Under Mr. Obama they had to at least watch themselves. Now the big boss not only tolerates but encourages that behaviour”.

In some cases, there’s also racial profiling that has left many Canadians scared. Despite living in America’s for years, families are torn apart and forced to take sides. One wonders, what is becoming of all the talks taking place between PM Trudeau and Trump because clearly, Trump is hiding all his cards and playing Trudeau quite well. After being accused by several women for being in talks with Trump for promoting women rights, when Trump doesn’t respect women, Canadians are wondering what is happening for their welfare.  


Delilah is 31 years old from Toronto Canada and has a conservative view on politics, she lives on the road following big names in politics, she has come upon us with many years writing experience, in her early years she has been all over Europe back-packing and had the "adventure of a lifetime" before settling down to write news on Canadian and World politics.