Trudeau’s One-Day Swing to Houston – Things Don’t Look Good Between Trudeau and Trump

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One might say that PM Trudeau is trying very hard to convince business leaders that joining his free-trade policy will bring them more benefits than joining President Trump’s border tax adjustment policy. On 10th March, Trudeau went to Houston and paid a visit to business leader Greg Abbot in the early morning and then Alaskan Sen. Later in the day, he also paid a visit to Lisa Murkowski.

Trump has said that he is not trying to make any changes in Canada’s trade relationship that are written in the North American Free Trade Agreement. The southern border is what concerns him the most and is the reason behind his policy. On the other hand, Trudeau worries that Trump’s decision of tax adjustments will affect Canada quite severely. He predicts that with tax adjustments, Canada might have to pay 20% more on imports with U.S. companies. This will not only discourage trade but will also stop Canadians from expanding their business.

Speaking at CERA, the world’s premier energy week conference, Trudeau mentioned the tax adjustments as his parting final words. He blasted the idea that anything that stops trade at the border, whether it is new taxes or extra tariffs, it should be matter of concern for everyone.

He said, “We believe in trade that is free and fair”.

Though Trudeau met with president Trump last month, how the talks between the political leaders went has yet to be revealed. When asked by conference sponsor vice chairman of IHS Markit, Daniel Yergin about how the visit went, Trudeau said, “We are Canadians. We get along with everybody”.

Though Trudeau’s visit was about promoting environmental responsibility and energy development, we think that Trudeau is trying to find the right time to play the car hidden up his sleeve. Sneaky and coy, two qualities we didn’t expect from Pm Trudeau.