Trump’s Decision to Cut the Environmental Protection Agency Funding by 25% Has All Canadian Mayors Alarmed

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Great Lakes, freshwater lakes that are located primarily at the Canadian-United States border is under budget cuts after trump decided to cut Environmental Protection Agency funding by 25%. A budget of $300 million dollars is now reduced to a mere $10 million dollars.

Since 2010, the Great Lakes has been funded by Environmental Protection Agency for combating invasive species, preserving the lake’s value and cleaning up pollution. Several Canadian Mayors are devastated by reduced funding and believe that neglect from America’s side will be certainly felt by the Canadian community. Though, the Restoration Initiative was a program run by America that targeted only it’s side of the lake, the mayors have no idea about how much was spent on the lake by the Canadian government.

The Mayor of Leamington, a town in South western Ontario said that even if the Canadian government decided to spend an amount equal to spent by America, they wouldn’t be able to cover up the loss from both sides.

During a telephone interview, Paterson referred to Canadian efforts for preserving Great Lakes by saying, “It would be like pushing a boulder up a hill if it was just the Canadians doing this”.

Due to the budget cut, any events or programs planned alongside Great Lakes will have to be severely controlled or eliminated altogether. An action plan was created for the years 2015 to 2019 that outlined maintaining specific areas of concern: Reducing nutrient runoff, controlling invasive animals and plants, regular cleaning and protecting native species.  

Mayor Randy Hope of Chatham-Kent Ontario said that much of the work had already started and with the coalition of around 127 communities, the progress was going good. However, due to cuts from America’s side, the work is slowly coming to halt and eroding people’s motivation. Referring to the funding cut, Hope said, “America has yanked the carpet out from underneath our feet”.

This will not only effect the local commercial fishery but will also have a huge negative impact on the tourism. Canadian is already threatened by several invasive species and due the budget cut, the effects could be devastating.


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