Vermont Businesses Trying To Cope With Immigration Ban as Canadians Are Turned From the Border

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The marketplace in Vermont is experiencing difficulties due to Trump’s immigration ban. Several Canadians have been turned form the border for reasons that range from being racist to suspicions and people’s views on Trump.

Mark Bouchett, a business man who has a furniture shop on Church Street in Vermont has depended on Canadians to keep the shop running. Since the ban, he has watched the news closely, as many Canadians were and are being turned for trivial reasons. According to Mark, when the dollar is in their favor, Canadians come to the US and spend their money whole heatedly. However, things have changed under the new President and several business men are feeling the brunt of it.

Vermont Retail and Grocers Association’s president Erin Sigrist said, “We do have some severe concerns about anyone being turned away for their race, religion, etc”. She further said that though it’s important to do what’s best for their country, they are not realizing that it’s hurting their economy. She says that by turning away Canadians, a wrong message is being sent by Vermont and where it stands politically. “Burlington is very liberal and open-minded”, says Sigrist.

Ted Brady, secretary of Vermont’s Commerce and Community Development says that Canadians have balanced such problems surrounding security for centuries and they will try do so in the future despite the changes.

According Brady, tourists bring around $2.4 billion to the US every year and in order to make sure that the number remains the same, they must take a hard look at the immigration ban. Even Nexus card holders are detained and are interrogated for a long time. Parties from both sides are struggling to maintain their old ties, so that people remain at ease. Despite their best efforts, the media is covering all the angles and keeping people apprised of the situation. Some people are using social media to voice their opinions, one of which involves boycotting going to the US.