Why is Child Care Such a Challenge for Canada?

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This is a disturbing fact of living in a Welfare State such as Canada, but despite plenty of provincial initiatives, the country is yet to see the introduction of a high quality child care program. What’s even more difficult to believe that even in a country like Canada, child care seems unsustainable, and even more difficult for Canadian households to pay in most parts of the country.

What this means is that little has changed with the status quo from UNICEF’s last assessment back in 2008 on early childhood education and care. Even more shocking is the fact that Canada could only attain one of the 10 benchmarks in UNICEF’s 2008 analysis. This is incredible since Canada and the current Trudeau Administration prides itself as being a liberal country which strives for the wellbeing of its citizens. Although, it does seem like the Trudeau Administration and the Liberals are more focused on getting in more refugees from failed States and taking care of their expenses with our money than setting up a proper child care program for Canadian citizens.   

But, the Liberal government recently has floated the idea of working on a framework for a child care program, no talks about then national framework is going to be revealed to the public, and there has been no mention of its proposed budget either. However, just last year the federal budget had said that it would commit $500 million to the cause, but that too has not been officially announced yet.

So, how is the country going to get a uniformed child care program that will bring real change to the lives of millions of Canadian families? Well, Carolyn Ferns of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care recently penned an op-ed for a local newspaper where she offered her ideas which could transform Canada’s non-existent child care program for the better. But, only time will tell what the Trudeau Administration does for the benefit of taxpaying Canadians.  


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