Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Suspends Services for an Unknown Period of Time

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In Toronto, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decided to suspend some of their online services, when the news of someone breaching their security walls reached the headquarters. One of the major services, which are cancelled, is the tax filling options.

The reason behind the suspension was given as taking a precautionary step which would prevent a breach if the person had decided to get further into the system. Though, no data loss had been reported, the CRA did not want their client’s information leaking.

A notice on the CRA website was posted, which read, “Upon becoming aware of a vulnerability found in our internet connection, we took down our online services, including electronic filing, and are taking steps to ensure that all information and systems remain safe”.

The immediate action was taken when they became aware of a breach that had rendered their internet vulnerable to identity theft. The breach was discovered on 10th March, where computer servers were affected that were used by websites all over the world.

The notice further stated that currently CRA is not aware if any personal information, regarding their clients has been leaked. The situation is now being assessed from all angles and they are working fast to bring the service back up again, as tax season is just around the corner.

An email statement was sent to Reuters, where the spokesman of CRA said that as of now, they do not have a time frame for the suspension. The suspension will continue until they are sure the systems are secure from attack.

1st May is the last date for the Canadians to file for their benefits and income tax returns, which means that billions of people had been using the website. This is the busiest period of the year for online users, which means finding out from where the breach occurred is going to take some time.

CRA itself was not sure on what exactly had caused the concerns. Though, according to them, no information had been lost, they still did not comment on how serious the problem was.


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