Canadian Dentist Back At Work after Being Arrested For Indecent Exposure

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In Ontario, a dentist is back at his desk, looking at patients after he was arrested for indecent exposure. The incidents took place in Florida and it is not the first time the doctor has done this.

On 16th February, Dr. Ron Rohringer was driving on the highway when he stopped his car and asked for directions from two female students. While the girls were giving him the direction, he started to expose himself. The students told the detectives a description matching Rohringer driving in an SUV, who stopped them on school property.

On 22nd February, a similar incident was reported, involving two other school girls. The entire scenario took place on school property. Palm Beach County Police reported that Rohringer was taken into custody and remained in jail in Lake Worth, Fla.

However, the charges didn’t stick, and Rohringer was back at his job after one week. When asked about the dentist and the allegations, the patients had no comments regarding the incident. One patient said, “I don’t know, I don’t want to say”. One would say that the Canadians are the most passionate people but this incident shows how they take a stand. One patient said, “My thoughts are not so good”.

Though Rohringer works with two dentists at his different locations in Brampton, nobody had an idea that the doctor was capable of such indecent things.

Including this incident, Rohringer has two other counts of stepping illegally on school property and indecent exposure, making it a total of five allegations. However, none of it has been ever proven in court.  Despite the incidents, the doctor still has a license and a steady stream of patients. There has been no word from the police department on how this situation will be handled, if it happens one more time. With two indecent exposures in two weeks, the doctor might have taken a break until news surrounding him settles down.


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