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And another illegal action of the JIHADIST JUSTIN and the Corrupt Liberals becomes evident….

We all know that JIHADIST JUSTIN converted to Islam. We all know he doesn’t care about non-Muslims. We know that he is trying to impress the Corrupt UN so he can be one of those psychopathic people to sit and use his evil means to bring New World Order to pease Gorge Soros. We all know that he is financially breaking Canada. We all know that in JT’s World, Christians need not apply.

Justin Trudeau is not smart enough on his own to pull off such a travesty of voter fraud and Traitorous act against the people of Canada. Who is the evil overlord behind all this…George Soros. JT silently and as quick as possible, not caring if the Canadian citizens are safe or not, brings in mostly Muslims, thousands of them into Canada with George Soros’ direction and money, controlling Trudeau and the MIGRATION not immigration into Canada. Talk about grooming, Soros has been grooming this childish, arrogant, narcissistic, selfie queen for years…making JT’s election a fraud also.

Now it has been found that these some of these Muslims had been living in a safe atmosphere and housing in their countries and have money…no real refugees here. What refugee have designer clothes, cell phones and are mostly young men. They are in Canada not to leave behind their old life but to bring their Islam, Quran and Sharia Law and to take over Canada. We are the infidels… The evil Koran tells all Muslims to kill the infidels. Is it a coincident that these mostly Muslims are coming in to our country by droves?

Not only did JIHADIST JUSTIN pull this crap but now he is letting the US illegals flood our borders, without consequence, into our country with basically no vetting and giving them more rights, money and freebies than the Canadian people get…now there are thousands of South and Central America, Africa and Asian refugees waiting in Mexico to travel across US and will be pouring into Canada VERY SOON. Do you think JIHADIST JUSTIN will turn away VOTES…I think not. This means more sexual assaults, rapes, murders, bomb threats, drain on our finances, you will lose everything you have worked hard for…..this is not what Canada stands for….this is a nightmare. This will be the downfall of Canada unless the proud Canadians can take back their country.. We will be another Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, France…a Third World Country. You bring in Third World refugees….you turn into a Third World Country.

The fact that JT has newly appointed as Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, a Somalian Muslim, someone who, did I mention he is Muslim, someone who will have no problem bring in the New World Order to Canada, that is an Islamic Muslims duty…it says that in the Quran. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.

The Muslims on JT Corrupt Liberal Team are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood along with the gang leader JIHADIST JUSTIN. The Muslim Brotherhood is a religious and political group founded on the belief that Islam is not simply a religion, but a way of life. It advocates a move away from secularism, and a return to the rules of the Quran as a basis for healthy families, communities, and states. Coincidence…judge for yourself.

So now this JIHADIST bunch of Liberal movement is now trying to take our Freedom of Speech away with M103 and E-411 by Iqra Khalid.

Iqra Khalid, an Islamic Muslim Liberal MP, is directly related to the Muslim Brotherhood through her father, Hafiz Khalid who has been a member of Muslim Brotherhood for years. Iqra Khalid and Omar Alghabra are active members of a terrorist related organization and they have responsible positions in the Canadian government.

Here is something that JIHADIST JUSTIN and the Corrupt Liberals have secretly pushed through for their own rewards that hardly anyone heard about. They repealed the Citizenship requirements. These requirements should have been extended to ten years not shortened to three.

The worst about this is that JIHADIST JUSTIN and the Corrupt Liberals have shortened the time to become a Canadian Citizen…why…for votes of course. Do you realize that some of these refugees will be able to vote in the next election..guess who they will vote for….I will give you three guesses, first two don’t count.

““Reducing the length of time someone must be physically present in Canada to qualify for Citizenship– To help immigrants achieve citizenship more quickly, the Government is proposing to reduce the time required to be spent in Canada for citizenship for adults to three years (1095 days) within the five years before applying for citizenship. This will mean applicants can apply one year sooner than they can now. This offers greater flexibility for immigrants who may need to travel outside of Canada for various personal or work reasons.
“Currently, the Citizenship Act requires applicants to be physically present in Canada for four years (1,460 days) within the six years immediately before applying for citizenship.”

Unless the people of Canada can find a great lawyer and arrest and persecute this corrupt PM, dethrone the corrupt Liberals, we will lose our Country before we can vote this JIHADIST JUSTIN and his CORRUPT Liberals out of office. I would be the first one donating to hire that lawyer. Even if another party gets into power in 2019, with all these Muslims in our Country and him pushing them to get Citizenship…we will have lost our country to Muslim rule, Quran, Sharia Law by 2023 if this MIGRATION is not stopped now.