“When They Are Here, They Are Here” – Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale Speaks Out On the Asylum Seekers Entering Canada

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Ralph Goodale, Canada’s prime minister of Public Safety describes the illegal refugees’ policy put forward by the liberal government as, “when they’re here, they’re here”. During a CTV’s questioning period on Sunday morning, Goodale explained how Canada was dealing with the asylums seekers.

On the other hand, the union’s president who represents the guards at the border described the border situation as a ‘crisis’. According to him, illegal immigrants take taxis and buses to the border that connects New York to Quebec, which makes the entire situation hard to handle.

Goodale expressed his disdain on the conservative opposition calling the matter a crisis and suggesting that all illegal immigrants should be arrested. Mocking the conservative party, Goodale said that may be the opposition wants the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to hold hands together and use fire hoses or shoo people away from entering Canada.


He further said that once immigrants cross the border, there are certain international and Canadian laws on how to deal with them. Goodale believes that they have a good thing going on where asylum seekers are detained by RCMP and then are directed towards an official border. Here, the Canadian Border Service Guards question them and they are released as refugees.

Goodale himself has no idea why such a large mass of immigrants are coming to Canada. Reports state that these people belong to Somalia and travel from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They enter Canada via bus to cab and then on foot. The baffling thing is that there are already Somali expatriates living in Minneapolis, Minnesota and still people are coming to Canada.

According to the president of Customs and Immigration Union Jean-Pierre Fortin, the immigrants are not coming to Canada because of President Trump’s immigration ban. However, since these refugees walk right up to the border, the guards are having difficulty in maintaining the right level of security.

Fortin says that right now people are wondering, “We didn’t know it was that easy to come across the border” and this is sending a wrong message.


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