$800 Million Worth of Budget to be used to help Trudeau win another term

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The $800 million commitment that was made by Justin Trudeau and his administration has taken a turn as all the companies that can persuade the government of Ottawa that their plan can help the province and bring innovation and economic stability to Canada will get a piece of the huge budget.

The budget actually allocated for innovative purposes seems to be redirected now towards the creation of more job opportunities to stabilise the devastating future that the job market is heading towards.


All the companies that can come up with a good business plan that is sustainable for future years will have the budget divided amongst them equally. Is this actually for the betterment of Canada, or just like the last year $900 million budget that really didn’t do much good for the Canadian economy?

Last year, there were plans to support incubators, clusters and accelerators to help young entrepreneurs grow and enable firms to become global players. It seems that did not work out very well, so this year, it may be more complicated to get the budget allocated towards a certain firm.

Some non-governmental stakeholders have expressed their concerns regarding the fact that the final decision is in the hands of the Liberal government and that they might favour the companies which ultimately support the liberal cause.

The $800 million budget is extremely important for the Liberal government as this would strengthen their support in the upcoming elections if the budget is well spent and advertised as something that the liberals have done themselves.

Even though this is a good way to help sustain Canada’s economy, the budget allocation should be in the hands of an unbiased financial firm that will grant the money simply based on merit and the sustainability of the idea.


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