Liberal Government Focusing on Key American States Ahead of NAFTA Talks

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Well, it seems Donald Trump’s decision to review NAFTA has the federal government stirred and afraid of the outcome. Canada, being one of the biggest traders with the US, the matter is something that has to be taken seriously as the economic growth of Canada depends on successful trade with the US.

This is the reason that the Trudeau administration is going full speed ahead to convince key American states of the economic loss and problems they will be facing once NAFTA is not renewed on grounds that would benefit both the countries.

Extreme lobbying efforts had started in December 2016 and still are on-going as there have been relationship building meetings and trade discussions between Justin Trudeau’s top advisors and Donald Trump’s most trusted officials.

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a visit to Texas with the Natural Resource Minister Jim Carr which was the first of the meetings with key states that can help form a good agreement between the two countries. There are 11 more states that need to be addressed regarding Canada’s business.

Another effort in strengthening the ties was Justin Trudeau’s visit to New York City to see the performance for the play “Come From Away,” the Canadian musical based on how Gander N.L welcomes stranded people on September 11, 2011.

The visit and the play itself is said to be a message about the long friendship that Canada and US have enjoyed with each other.

The federal government has decided this new approach because they know that directly contacting the White House may not be as effective as reaching the businessman who will be affected by the agreement itself. NAFTA has allowed both Canada and America to benefit from each other’s business, but it seems like Justin Trudeau is more worried than the Americans, who will also lose their business.


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