Liberals Second in Popularity, Suggest Polls

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Polls have suggested that the Tories are back on top when it comes to popularity among the voters. According to the latest polls from the Corporate Research Associates (CRA), the liberals would receive support from 33% of the decided voters, while the Tories are seeing a good 39% support.

The NDP is seeing a 26% support from these voters, while the numbers have excluded the 24% who still feel they are undecided in the matter. Looking at the numbers when asked about the government’s performance, the Liberals seem to be in deep water, because 71% of the people disapprove, while 35% strongly disapprove and this is in high contrast with the 26% who seem to approve the methods of the current government.

The Liberals seem to have taken a steep slope down the popularity chart since the last time the numbers had been collected. Three months back, the people were still in support of the Liberal government as they had come out of a rough patch that spring, but it seems like the people have spoken and they have had enough.

Incompetence can be overlooked once but if it keeps repeating itself, the problem needs to be addressed and a new system must take over the current one.

The budget didn’t do the Liberals any favours either as the deep budget cuts have added to their decreasing popularity.

According to opposition leader Paul Davis, the reason that the government has taken such severe hits to their popularity numbers is due to their constantly lying to the public. According to him, this is disrespect of the people who have elected you, because first of all, you think they are dumb enough to accept the lies that you are throwing their way and secondly, the promises that were made to the public need to be kept to stay in power the next time.

The Liberals will face a very tough election this year and hopefully, the Canadians will wake up and make the right decision.