Liberals stop Girl Guides of Canada trip to USA

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The Girl Guides of Canada have taken a decision to not take trips across the border to the US. The decision had a lot to do with the travel restrictions passed by Donald Trump in his executive order.

The United States is a place where the Girl Guides of Canada make very frequent trips, but if the ability of all their members to enter the country equally is dismissed, taking the risk of going there would be stupidity.

The ban on the trips constitutes of all trips that are beyond or less than 72 hours and all the trips that need a connecting flight via an American city airport. The statement issued by the international commissioner Sharron Callahan does not mention if this is the direct result of the travel ban by President Trump, but the clues all point towards it.

The first travel ban issued by President Trump had banned people from seven Muslim-majority states to enter the United States. The executive order that followed the initial order removed Iraq from these countries, but once the ban is official on March 16th, the visa processing for people from Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Syria and Yemen would be suspended for 90 days.

The ban does not include Canadians, but there have been reports where people from Canada are finding it difficult to gain access to the United States.

Since the Girl Guides of Canada have girls of all ethnicities travelling with them, they did not want any girl to be left behind due to entry problems. National Manager Sarah Kiriliuk said that this decision is more of a precautionary move until things can be sorted out.

The travel ban is a major security measure; it seems to have banned a lot more people from travel than it is supposed to. President Trump’s administration needs a mechanism that can screen people wanting to travel better rather than outright banning people who are permanent residents of Canada to enter the United States.


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