Most Popular Conservative Candidate Missed the Winnipeg Event

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There is no doubt that Kevin O’Leary is the most popular candidate for the Conservative leadership, but the missing appearance at events at the last minute, will not be appreciated by supporters at all. The last event that Kevin O’Leary was supposed to attend was his address to the people in Winnipeg.

According to people who had arrived earlier at the event, 15 minutes before the event began, organizers notified the audience that Kevin O’Leary would not be making it to the event due to bad weather, resulting in the cancellation of flights.

The crowd was quite disappointed, but still, a pretty decent crowd stuck around to listen to their prospective leader give his speech via Skype. The real reason why this article is addressing the issue is not because O’Leary missed the event. Missing an event is not a big problem and people understand that there are circumstances which may change the schedule of a person.

The real problem is that people figured out that O’Leary could not make it to the event and was trying to hide this by blaming it on the cancellation of the flight. An age where people can access all the information they need literally at the ends of their fingertips, lying to someone about a flight cancellation cannot sit well with people, especially if it is someone they want to elect as their party’s future leader.

A Twitter post by O’Leary showed that he was at the Toronto International Airport lounge where he was saying that he was ready to come but due to the cancellation, he was unable to make it. One of his followers tweeted about why he was lying about the flight being cancelled, as the schedule was available for everyone to see.

Not a smart move by O’Leary here. This will definitely cost him some points in credibility. This is not the time to be making rookie lying mistakes like this. Kevin O’Leary is the most popular candidate but opinions can change very quickly.


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