Prime Minister Trudeau at Broadway

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Prime Minister Trudeau has recently been touring the United States as an effort at striking a good deal regarding NAFTA with the states that are the most important for Canada and its business. Prime Minister Trudeau and the Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, have been visiting different states to persuade them with compelling arguments.

Since the Broadway musical “Come From Away” is being performed at Broadway, Prime Minister Trudeau thought it would be a good idea to drop by, in support of the long running American and Canadian friendship.

The musical itself is also about how America and Canada have always helped each other out in perilous situations. The musical is about the passengers that were diverted to the airport of Gander on 9/11 2011 when all incoming air traffic in the U.S was banned.

Most of the flights diverted to Gander brought with them 6,000 passengers to a town that had a total population of 10,000. The 200 flights that came to Gander made it the second busiest airport in the world as compared to its very little use on normal days.

The main thing that the play highlights is the kindness that was shown by the people of Gander towards all the American passengers. Flight crews filled up the hotels quickly, so passengers were taken to churches and schools to stay a couple of days.

The U.S. Military flew in about 5,000 cots to provide beds for the stranded passengers while Canadian stores donated supplies in the form of food, coffee machines, barbecue grills and since the passengers did not have access to their luggage, they were totally dependent on the kindness of the people of Gander.

The play is a testimony of the long running friendship of North America, but getting America to agree on favourable terms for NAFTA on the basis of this message might not be as easy as it seems.