Saskatchewan Praised by Kevin O’Leary on Visit

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On his visit to Saskatchewan, Kevin O’Leary was very impressed with the province and said that this is the model that every province should be running on. The visit happened after O’Leary failed to make it to Winnipeg for the event where he was supposed to give a speech.

The Conservative Party candidate took a flight to Saskatchewan instead and was highly impressed by the province’s administration, praising it by saying that the province was pro-jobs, pro-energy, pro-pipeline, pro-capital, and pro-growth.

He said that the tonality of the province of Saskatchewan is the ideal tonality that every province in Canada should be following in order to see the country progress and create a sustainable future for Canada and its inhabitants.

O’Leary told the people of Saskatchewan that if he got elected the Conservative Party candidate and eventually the Prime Minister, he would make sure that the provinces that deserve the most federal funds get them instead of the ones that are not contributing to the economic growth at all.

This is a very harsh claim for someone who is supposed to think of the welfare of all the country, but maybe it was a move by O’Leary to gather more support from the province of Saskatchewan. He was quite critical of Rachel Notley and Kathleen Wynne saying that their policies are not contributing to the country and instead are causing their provinces embarrassment as compared to others.

O’Leary met with students too, and assured them that he would be the prime minister for the younger generation and promised them better incomes than $60,000 per annum. He said that a fresh university graduate deserved more than just being drowned in loans and earning an average wage, more than half of which is then taken by the lenders.

O’Leary has done well to gather support from the people of Saskatchewan and now it seems that there is very little standing between him and the win for the Conservative Party leadership.