Yellowknife Woman joins Tories to Have a Say in Leadership Vote

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A woman from Yellowknife has recently paid the $15 fee and decided to join the Conservative Party of Canada. Courtney Howard, who does not actually identify herself as a Tory, has joined the party because she identifies herself as a political opportunist.

The decision has left most of her close friends and family shocked as they all identify themselves as Liberals and did not expect someone like Howard to be a part of the Conservative Party.

Howard is a non-conservative who has been following the on-going Conservative leadership debates very carefully and wants to be a part of the party to make sure that the right person is elected for a better future for Canada.

Howard compares joining a political party to getting a library card, it is quite easy to get in, but making an actual change is the difficult part.

Howard did the same in 2012 with the NDP Party leadership. Since she considers herself a political opportunist, she says that she wants to make sure that the right person is elected from each party to lead the country well.

A tactic that is frowned upon by many in politics, Howard’s strategy is not to come into power herself, but simply to have a say in who leads the party that is most favoured in this year’s election.

She also agrees with everything that the constitution of the conservative party states and the main reason that she is doing this is because of her children and the woman who helps her take care of them. Howard helped a woman move to Canada from Djibouti and since she is a Muslim woman, she wants to make sure that Muslims get better treatment in Canada than how their neighbours in the U.S. are handling the situation.

Howard believes in changing the system, not by opposition, but by being a part of it.