Kevin O’Leary Accuses Conservative Party of Voter Fraud

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Kevin O’Leary made headlines when he skipped the Edmonton debate last month. But that doesn’t mean the reality TV star and Tory leadership candidate is down and out. O’Leary recently gave a statement criticizing the way in which the recent Conservative Party elections are being held. According to O’Leary, widespread vote rigging is taking place in multiple cities throughout Canada, which is seriously undermining the integrity of the electoral process.

O’Leary also claimed that certain backdoor organizers are signing up as fake members using prepaid credit cards, which needs to be stopped. He went on to say that the widespread vote rigging is breaking both electoral and financial laws in a bid to buy out the leadership victory. While the Shark Tank star said that there were certain rules in place, which meant that memberships had to be paid for either by credit cards or personal cheques, there are some people who are playing the system. A practice that O’ Leary has described as not only immoral but extremely unfair to the electoral process and tens of thousands of people who are legitimate members of the Conservative Party. The allegations are being taken seriously since if proven true it would mean that the thousands of real party members will have the impact of their votes seriously weakened.

O’Leary said that he and his team has raised this issue with the Conservative Party and was reassured that there will be an investigation on the allegations of vote rigging within the Conservative Party. But, that’s not enough according to O’Leary whose calling for the Conservative Party to make a categorical statement that it will not be accepting any memberships from people using pre paid credit cards, and that those which have been submitted thus far are going to be disqualified and removed from the Conservative Party membership list. While the Conservative Party is likely to carry out an investigation on the recent allegations, whether it goes as far as to disqualifying memberships remains to be seen.