New Poll Suggests More Canadians Dislike M-103

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The M-103 is a controversial bill that was being pushed by Canadian Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s anti discrimination motion against Islamophobia and other systemic religious and racism discrimination in Canada. While there was much hype surrounding the motion initially, it soon turned into an all out war between the right and the so-called Liberal left. It was the cause of much unnecessary commotion within the walls of the Canadian Parliament and on the streets outside, and much of it had to do with the fact that the motion was not properly thought through.

Luckily, the votes are now in and according to two separate public opinion polls a majority of Canadians are not in support of the M-103 for obvious reasons. The main problem with the motion was in its wording which seemed to have singled out a particular religion. Over the past months, the Liberals were trying to force feed Canadians that the M-103 was nothing to worry about, and wasted no time in criticizing its critics. But, all that proved to be unfruitful in the end, since according to the polls most Canadians saw right through the nefarious intentions of the Liberals. In fact, just 14% of Canadians are in favor of the M-103 according to the opinion poll that was carried out recently, which makes it quite clear that Canada doesn’t give a hoot about what their betters think.

Another poll carried out by Montreal based firm CROP found that more than 75% of Canadians are in favor for screening of new immigrants before they are let loose into the country. The overwhelming results of these two polls in opposition of the M-103 motion comes as no surprise since the Liberals should have accepted the laurel leaf which was extended to them by many Conservative MPs who called for the revision of the wording in the bill, which was rejected by the all-knowing Liberals.  

We hosted our own poll right here on, the results were not surprising, check it out here.