The Curious Case of Don Meredith

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Senator Don Meredith finally spoke out after a long period of silence following revelations of his relationship with a teenager. Meredith’s reputation took a nose dive recently after the Senate Ethics Commissioner Lyse Ricard piled up evidence against Meredith, which suggests that the senator apparently began to pursue a 16 year old teenage girl and then finally developed a sexual relationship with her by the time she turned 18. Although Meredith denies he ever encouraged the girl to get intimate with him, he didn’t offer a reply when Ricard read a statement which said that Meredith had sexual intercourse with the teenager before she had turned 18.

Meredith, who is married with children did however admit to some of the liaisons that were brought forth by the Ethics committee, while responding to ‘no comment’ on the many other allegations of misconduct. Ms. Ricard, had made it clear that she’s not a fan of the senator, and why should anyone be, since Meredith failed to uphold the high standards of dignity that’s expected of a Senator. Ms. Ricard also made it clear that while the private matters of senators is not within her purview, neither are their extramarital affairs, but the further investigation needs to be carried out to determine whether the teenager was a minor.

While Mr. Meredith has not been charged yet, he is however required to answer to the many emails and texts that were exchanged and the girl’s own testimony, all of which reflects poorly on his character and the position which he holds. But, here’s the catch, the rules that makes Meredith’s actions illegal only came into effect last year, while Meredith’s ‘moral failing’ as he put it, took place somewhere around 2013. But, this wasn’t the first time the Canadian parliament has been rocked by scandal. Between 2012 and 2015, reports of many scandals arose, which led to senators being charged with criminal offences and suspensions. With the recent incident, it is clear that further disciplinary measures need to be put in place to make sure this never happens again.


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