Canadian Representative Visits Islamabad, Pakistan after Ahmadiyya Community Claims That Toronto-Area Man Led the Mob Attack on the Mosque

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A Canadian diplomat was sent to Islamabad, Pakistan last week where an Ahmadiyya Mosque was stormed by an angry mob. The reason behind the envoy’s visit was because it is alleged that the mob was directed by a Canadian.

It is believed that Rashid Ahmed who lives in Mississauga, Ontario was the leader of the mob and was the orchestrator of the attack. Since then, Ahmed has returned back to Canada and claims that all allegations are false. This has raised complaints from the Ahmadiyya leaders living in Canada, who want the situation and Ahmed investigated.

During their visit, videos were watched related to the incident and the Canadian diplomat said that Ahmed could be clearly seen in the mob. The attack came after Chakwal’s local villagers warned the police that if the Ahmadiyya’s were not removed from the mosque, they will take “extreme measurers” on their own.

The reason behind the visit was to reach out to various communities in Pakistan and was part of Canada’s regular program. Once the diplomat reached Pakistan, he was shown the videos by the leader of the Ahmadiyya community, in order to discuss the attack and decide what actions would be taken against Ahmed.

Since the Ahmadiyya sect is regularly faced with violence and is prohibited to portray themselves as Muslims, the Ahmadiyya community in Canada said that they don’t want the same reasons to follow them for which they fled Pakistan. Due to altercations between Muslims and the Ahmadiyyas, many people from the Ahmadiyya community have fled to Canada. Neither Peel Regional Police nor Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has commented on the incident. However, the diplomatic visit suggests that officials in Canada are looking into the incident.

Safwan Choudhry, a spokesperson from Canada’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at said that the Ahmadiyya community is waiting for Canada to take strict actions against hate-preachers. Though the incident took place three months ago, it has Ahmadiyya communities in Pakistan and Canada worried how police will handle this situation if it happens again.


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