Three Canadian Citizens Who Were Tortured in Egypt and Syria Get Their Long Due Settlement from the Federal Government

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After two federal inquiries and 15 years, three Canadian men get their justice after being tortured in Egypt and Syria by their own country officials. Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Public Safety Minister and Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister announced this last Friday that with an apology and settlement from Canada’s federal government side, the case involving Muayyed Nureddin, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati and Abdullah Almalki was now closed.

Ten years ago, the three Canadians had filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit, which was temporary put on hold when Frank Lacobucci, former Supreme Court Justice announced an internal inquiry. According to the report from 2008, Lacobucci came to the conclusion that the Canadian government was involved in their torture indirectly.

After winning a court battle, Nureddin, Almalki and Elmaati’s lawyers got their hands on redacted files of the CSIS and RCMP. The files revealed that a senior RCMP officer was the person who had doubts about Almalki’s nefarious activity. Amongst the three, Almalki was the one who described his torture in great detail, where he was tortured straight for seven hours when he was detained. He was heavily lashed on his legs, feet and genitals. The beating was so severe that he suffered temporary paralysis from waist down. He was then forced to confess that he was working for Osama bin Laden. Ahmad Elmaati was sent from one prison to the next and was tortured for four years. As for Muayyed Nureddin, he says that he had an idea about where the torture was coming from, which left him in a state of shock that his own country would treat him so badly.

None of them could believe that the torture was being directed by the Canadian government under the hand of Egyptian and Syrian officials. The fact is Canadians did have a hand in their torture and were trying to hide it behind the redacted files. If the lawyers had not won the case, Nureddin, Almalki and Elmaati’s would have been permanently named as traitors.


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