Canada Needs To Up Their Security Game – Canadian Woman Caught With Weed at Minnesota Port

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Since PM Trudeau’s shout out to all refugees to seek asylum in Canada, the country’s border security is being perceived as weak and easy. It seems like anybody can cross the border illegally.

Crime rate has increased and Canadians no longer want immigrants and refugees seeking asylum here. So, it was a given that people could easily pass with things stashed ‘inside them’. In this case: Drugs.

A Canadian woman was detained at the port of Minnesota on Sunday when US Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBP) got suspicious that she might be carrying drugs. The 26 year old woman was crossing the border with two Canadian citizens at the Warroad when the officers decided to do a secondary inspection of their car.

While searching the car, the officers reported a strong odour coming from it. When they questioned the woman, she admitted to having marijuana in her body cavity. The woman was immediately taken into custody. After a thorough evaluation at the clinic, a packet of marijuana was taken out of her body that weighed 13 grams. She was then issued a citation by the office of Roseau County Sheriff.

According to CBP, the woman and the two other passengers were travelling to Ontario from Winnipeg. Her destination was Big Lake, which is on Lake of the Woods, outside the US border. However, before she could pass the Minnesota port into the US, she was caught and was issued a citation. CBP did not reveal the woman’s name.

In Minnesota, a person found with marijuana up to 42.5 g is charged with a misdemeanour and is levied a fine of $200. The director of Pembina Area Port Jason Schmelz said that people go to great lengths to bring any kind of contraband into the US.

It is important that CBP officers remain vigilant and do not hesitate when they find someone suspicious.

At the end of the day, Canada better learn to improve its game at the border or it won’t be long before people start smuggling drugs in and out undetected.