Tales from the Past – Actor Matthew Perry Describes In a Show How He Beat Up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Hollywood actor Matthew Perry is known for his great acting in the 90’s sitcom “Friends”.

He is known for his hilarious roles, which people have had the pleasure to see in “The Whole Nine Yards” and “17 Again”.

Born to Canadian journalist Suzanne Marie, the actor has made quite an impression in the comedy genre. This week, the actor was invited to the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show. Though the episode was already a treat for all the viewers, the show took an interesting turn when Matthew Perry revealed that he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been in school together.

Though Matthew Perry was Massachusetts born, he was brought up in Canada and studied in Ottawa in the same school as Trudeau. Recalling his good old days, he said in the show that he had been recently reminded by his friend, a fellow classmate how they had beaten up Trudeau. In his teens, Matthew was only a couple of years older than Trudeau and had been a bully.

Perry recalls that the ‘beat up’ was not because they were trying to pick on Canada’s Prime Minister’s son; it was just because Trudeau had been excelling in sport and Perry and his friends hadn’t liked it. In a jealous fit, Perry and his classmate beat him up.

Perry further said that because they couldn’t pick a fight with anyone else, they saw Trudeau as a soft target. In the interview, referring to the incident, Perry said, “I’m not bragging about this, this is terrible”. He admitted that it’s a story that he is not proud of and was something he did when he was a stupid kid.

He then explained that how he tried to turn the bullying into a kind of love play, which thankfully did not exceed.

Applauding Trudeau’s success as a prime minister, Perry said that it was great how he rose above all the situations and became someone who everyone looks up to.

Since Trudeau’s inauguration, Perry hasn’t yet come into contact with Trudeau and when asked about it, he said, “I feel shame”.