There’s a Serious Need To “Drain the Swamp” in Canada

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Political pundits in Canada are becoming increasingly aware of the domino effect which could be caused by the rise of populism in Canada over the past few years.

The recent election across the border has also proven to be an eye opener to the leftist liberals who thought for far too long that they could get away with anything, provided they maintain their ‘holier than thou’ approach to the way politics is handled in Canada.

It is no secret that the rise of populism and the alt-right movement has already started to turn politics in the US upside down, and its main exponent, namely Trump is at the top of the list. Trump’s aim of replacing the traditional democratic institutions, and to give power back to the people appears to be noble and his administration is set on the right course.

This has got many liberals not only in the US but in Canada agitated of the possible consequences, and for good reason. Since there are many in Canada who feel that this country is also in need of someone such as Trump who can help drain the swamp and get rid of the corruption and shenanigans of the current Trudeau Administration.

It is no secret that the current Trudeau Administration represents all that is wrong with Canada. He is from a wealthy elite, and he prefers to be politically correct rather than do what is needed for the Canadian public.

The current refugee situation with Canada is just one example of how Trudeau has failed the Canadian people yet again. There is no denying the fact that more and more countries are embracing conservative parties since the democratically elected Liberals have continuously failed in matters concerning immigration, free trade and in helping the working class by providing them with more jobs etc.

Recent polls in Canada have shown that more people are slanting towards the conservative right, since it’s clear that the Canadian people isn’t at the top of the priority list for the President Trudeau and his Liberal Party.