Trudeau Only Wants To Work Four Days A Week

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Things are heating up in the House of Commons and PM Trudeau is in the middle of it.

On Monday, Candice Bergen, the Conservative House Leader wanted PM Trudeau to promise that no changes would be made to meeting days and times unless all the parties were in agreement.

Deflecting Bergen’s question, PM Trudeau chose to speake about how the government was trying to bring changes in the country that would benefit the middle class. However, Bergen’s wanted a direct answer and demanded to know why the liberals were aiming for working four days a week when every Canadian works five days a week.

Few days ago, a discussion paper was released on how the House of Commons can be made more efficient, predictable, transparent and accountable. Some of the prominent suggestions included:

• Turning Friday into full days or getting rid of it completely
• One day where the PM answers questions
• Taking 10 days more to answer written questions by the opposition MPs’
• Pre-set time for debates
• Preventing filibustering in debate motions
• Introducing electronic voting, etc.

When the paper was brought up for discussion on Monday, the liberals were accused by the opposition party for putting forth self-serving measures. Thomas Mulcair, leader of NDP said that the government had promised we would have more freedom and this discussion paper says something else.

According to him, PM Trudeau rarely ever answers when he is at the House and cutting back to one day is even extraordinary for him. Along with Mulcair, Bergen also believes that this paper suggests that PM Trudeau only wants to come once a week.

PM Trudeau might not have any adoring fans at the House but he still needs to answer all the questions addressed to him.

Bergen says that PM Trudeau likes to deflect tough questions and it has become a pattern. Looks like the discussion paper will not solve anything, at least in the House.