Trudeau Refuses to Address Carbon Pricing Cost

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It has become quite obvious that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone through great lengths to avoid releasing the federal government estimates for the new cost of his carbon pricing plan.

The reasons for this strange behaviour is obvious since it has nothing to do with the interests of the Canadian people. There is a very good reason why the Trudeau Administration prefers to mislead the Canadian people every time they talk about carbon pricing.

That’s because new carbon pricing laws usually means that Canadians have to pay higher taxes for almost all goods and services, since many businesses and services fall under the huge umbrella of carbon tax.

Speaking about the issue of carbon taxing, it was extremely disappointing to see the Liberals defeat the motion that was carried forward by Conservative Party MP Pierre Poilievre, who called for the release of the latest figures of the two federal finance departmental studies that were carried out on the issue of carbon pricing.

According to Trudeau, it is up to the provinces to declare the carbon price of $10 per tonne of emissions, which will be further raised to $50 per tonne by the year 2022. But, the fact that it is left up to the states to decided the amount of carbon tax means that carbon pricing, apart from being regressive since it impacts the poor and low income households, is also not effective at lowering the amount of greenhouse emissions in the country, as the numbers imply.

The reality is that the Trudeau government has done nothing to alleviate the increase in greenhouse gasses other than come up with another government enforced cash grab that’s being masqueraded as an environmental policy that’s supposed to benefit the Canadian people.

The new carbon tax which is being proposed by Ottawa is going to kill jobs and cause some serious harm to many of the important industries of Saskatchewan, and that trend is likely to spread throughout the country.