Anti Establishment Sentiment Growing in Canada

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Anti establishment sentiment in Canada is at a record high according to a recent poll. This comes as no surprise since Canadians have had to sit back and witness a populist Liberal government, promising to create jobs while beating the drum of law and order has repeatedly failed the Canadian public.

According to the new poll, the continuous scapegoating by the current Liberal government has finally stopped working. Political pundits state that the stark difference since Justin Trudeau came to power reveals a stunning lack of trust in the Trudeau Administration. The poll results suggests that more than 80% of Canadians think that the elite are simply out of touch of the plight of ordinary Canadians, while more than 60% of Canadians have a strong belief that the mainstream Liberal politicians cannot solve any of the problems faced by Canadians. This distrust in the government has led to a surge in anti establishment sentiment that has been unprecedented in previous years, in Canada at least.

While the Trudeau Administration continues to try and paint a pretty picture, the reality is that Canada hasn’t been able to bounce back from the 2008 financial recession, leaving countless Canadians indebted and overworked in an economy where the wages are stagnant and families have less time for leisure. No wonder, many Canadians are absolutely enraged by the lax attitude of Trudeau and his team who continue to claim that everything’s hunky dory when it is clearly not.

The only question that remains here is whether the Conservatives will be able to capture and channel all that anger, since this incredibly high level of discontent for the Trudeau Administration cannot be contained by Trudeau’s continuing warmth with immigrants that are arriving in a country not only from the Middle East and Europe, but also from across the border, from the US, which means that Canadians will have to pay for these guests in the form of higher taxes that has now become an inescapable reality for Canadians thanks to Trudeau’s current policies.