Canadian Diplomats in the US Barred from Using Cardboard Cut-outs of PM Trudeau

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau always seems prepared for a selfie, whether it’s at events or while taking a stroll outside, but just months after some Canadian officials in the US started to wheel out a two dimensional cut-out of the Canadian Prime Minister at events, Canadian diplomats have been ordered to stop using those cardboard cut-outs of Justine Trudeau during events to promote the image of Canada.

The life size replicas of PM Justine Trudeau were spotted last summer at a gathering hosted by the Canadian consulate in Atlanta. Also, recently a two dimensional life size replica of PM Justin Trudeau was also on display at the Southwest arts festival that was held in Austin, Texas.

After reports spread that the Canadian embassy in Washington had ordered up to 10 life-size cut-outs of the Premier in the days leading to Canada Day, the reaction by members of parliament have been split between two groups. The first saying that the whole thing is a hoot, while the second group calling the act distasteful since using a replica of the Canadian Prime Minister in the premises of the Canadian consulate just for some selfie action is not very prime ministerial.

There have been reports of the US embassy in Ottawa being home to a two dimensional Barack Obama cut-out, which is supposed to be the reason behind the Trudeau replicas. Former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has suggested that the idea seems to be to wean Canada away from the real two-dimensional Prime Minister, a point that Canada’s Conservative Party and many Canadians seem to agree on. The lifelike cut-out of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become the perfect metaphor for all that Trudeau stands for, as in, a shallow façade with little depth or substance.


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