Canadian Photographer Posts Explicit Images Online

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It seems that despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts on offering women freedom of expression and certain rights, people in Canada themselves are not too keen to follow in his footsteps. Well, why would they when PM Trudeau’s promises have fallen short.

A man named Ren Bostelaar is apologizing on the internet for posting explicit images, names and personal detail of women on forum 4Chan. He is currently being investigated by Toronto police but a warrant for his arrest hasn’t been issued yet.  

According to Bostelaar, there was nothing malicious behind his actions. Known as doxxing, the practice of posting explicit images on the internet is a quite common and is usually done out of revenge.

Bostelaar admitted that though he had posted the images on the forum, he had no idea they were private. He said that the pictures were already posted on the internet elsewhere by the women.

The police took hold of the matter after several women complained on social media that they had been receiving calls from men, asking about their details and photos on 4Chan. Some of the photos and detail of women are ten years old and can be found in the archives. These claims led to other women looking for their pictures on the controversial forum aswell.

According to the women, the pictures they had shared were for private viewing and had been done so in their private chat groups.

There is no information on whether the pictures Bostelaar shared were taken by him or not. The Canadian Criminal Code says that distributing images without the owner’s consent is illegal.

Bostelaar has apologized on Facebook and said his behavior was reprehensively bad. After that, he deactivated all his accounts.

Sam Goldstein, Bostelaar’s lawyer said that his client is remorseful and defended him by saying that the images were already posted on Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook. Bostelaar belongs to Stats Canada, a satire group of successful writers. His group tweeted that his actions were inexcusable and he should have thought twice before doing something so degrading.


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