Liberal-Backed Bill Comes Back To Haunt Trudeau

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The Genetic Non-Discrimination Act that was introduced by the Liberals in 2013 was aimed at the prevention of information gathered by genetic testing for the denying of issues such as employment, health insurance, child custody and a few other legal areas. Under the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, violators of the law could be faced with fines of up to $740,000 and a 5-year prison term, which would be handed out to anyone who forces a Canadian to undergo any genetic tests, before the issuance of insurance coverage or to enter into a business relationship.

Basically, the bill bars any discrimination on the grounds on genetics and the sharing of genetic information without the written consent of the individual. While the bill seemed reasonable at first, the opposition claims that the ban would increase the cost of insurance and healthcare. Both insurance providers and healthcare providers have come to the conclusion that a voluntary code for regulating the use of genetic tests would have been more suitable, especially while underwriting life insurance policies. To repeal the negative effects of the bill a motion was passed just last week, where members of the Parliament voted 222 – 60 in approval.

The overwhelming result of the vote against the GND Act has prompted Trudeau turning to extraordinary measures to try and block the legislation. In normal situations, a bill has to be approved by Canada’s governor general in order to become law. The Trudeau Administration is considering not to send the bill to the governor general, who represents the queen of England, and normally rubber stamps any legislation that is passed by the Canadian Parliament. The delay could kill the legislation, which is actually what Trudeau wants to get rid of this Liberal infused headache.


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