Protect Yourself From Dangerous Migrants, It’s Not That Hard

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Over the past few years, we’ve been inundated by news of migrants who’ve done horrible things and even got away unharmed in some cases. Sure, these have been happening in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it incidents like these can start happening in Canada too.

Since the liberal and progressive left has no intention of stopping this crime wave, and since events such as Brexit and Trump’s election didn’t wake them up, the best thing you can do ensure your family’s safety is to take certain simple yet effective precaution measures.

How do you do that? Good question. These incidents have been so diverse in nature as well as the locations where they occurred, that it’s virtually impossible to figure out a pattern.

Nevertheless, this is the first piece of advice I can give you is to avoid social gatherings that could potentially take a turn for the worst is the simple yet most effective thing you can do.

Of course, who would’ve guessed that, two years in a row, Europe has seen its New Year’s celebrations ruined in various cities, with crimes such as theft, beatings and sexual assaults? I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t go to a concert or other social gatherings, but you should be aware of what’s happening around you when you do. When you see troublemakers, you have one thing left to do: leave.

This isn’t about being afraid, it’s about being responsible. But there’s more.

The survival community has this concept called everyday carry (EDC for short), which is nothing more than increased attention to what you carry with you on a day-to-day basis. Why? Because some of these items can help fend off one or even multiple attackers, giving you precious seconds to flee.

The things you can or cannot carry on your person depend on the laws. While firearms are legal in the US and Canada so long as they are registered, people in Europe can’t have them. In some European countries, even knives and pepper sprays are illegal.

Nevertheless, here’s a list of items you should consider having in your pockets, purse or your car, but not before doing your due diligence:

  • firearms
  • airsoft guns
  • folding knives
  • pepper/wasp spray
  • stun guns
  • tasers
  • tactical pens and flashlights
  • kubotans

…and more, but these are the most common ones.

Having such a weapon is one thing but knowing how to use it is another. In some cases, the attacker has used the self-defense weapon on the victim so, the next step would be to take a few self-defense classes, to learn the basic moves. This will also be a good opportunity for you to learn about which ones are more effective, as well as legal aspects.

Talk To Your Child

Though I don’t have (yet) children, I can tell you that you need to have a serious talk with them about talking to strangers and going to places that are unsafe or far away from home. I’ve seen social experiments where the parents were sure their kids wouldn’t walk off with a stranger and yet they did.

While the number of missing persons that were abducted by strangers is “low” (29 people in 2014, for instance), you should still take measures, particularly if you and your child travel to a foreign country, particularly in those that have high rates of abduction. I’m not saying the odds are high, but you don’t need them in order to take a threat seriously.

Don’t Live In Fear

Many of those who’ve understood the dangers of open door policies have taken things to the extreme. The migrants issue is here to stay, that’s for sure, and the only reason to deal with it is to make a self-protection plan and then put it into action. There’s no need to stock up on knives and other weapons, there’s no need to be afraid of everyone who gives you the impression or who might look like a criminal. You’ll probably be wrong most of the times, and besides, the idea is to protect yourself and your family.

Fear is never a good advisor, but information and education are. So by taking these simple steps (talking to your child about strangers, having those edc items, avoiding potentially dangerous situations) you’ll take a huge step towards protecting your loved ones and you don’t have to be afraid not even for a second.