“This Hour Has 22 Minutes” Puts Canadian Judges On the Spot

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It’s not every day Canada comes under fire, but the past few days have been extremely hard on Canada, especially their judges. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is off trying to cut back his House of Commons days and watching Broadway plays, Canadian comedians are painting Canada in a different limelight. Canada might be offering asylum to refugees and immigrants but on the side, Canada is experiencing some difficult times.

Yes, PM Trudeau is a staunch feminist and has proven it by choosing women cabinet members but he forgot to lead other people to respect women too. In the latest sketch of “This Hour has 22 Minutes”, written by comedian Cathy Jones shows every women’s worst nightmare when they see a Canadian judge moving next door.

Jones says that the recent news has proved that Canadian judges do not treat women right. They are supposed to give us justice and all they have made us feel unsafe and sick. The actor playing the role of the judge’s neighbor Shaun Majumder in one scene says to the judge to not drink too much beer because “drunk can consent” – a taunt on Judge Gregory Lenehan of Nova Scotia for his acquittal of a cab driver who had assaulted a woman wasted on the back seat of the car. The acquittal had sparked a huge debate everywhere and had put Halifax’s service on the spot.

Another reference was to Judge Justice Robin Camp who gave his resignation on making insensitive comments on a rape case: “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together”.

There has been no comment by PM Trudeau yet and why would he when he’s busy dodging important opposition questions.

The sketch was wrapped with a hilarious yet very true statement, which said, “Judges: a danger to Canadian women. If you’re alone with one, get out and call a cab. Wait no, call the RCMP. No, not that either. Call a senator. No, wait.”

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