Would-be Leader, Lisa Raitt Calls for Cheaters to be Expelled from Conservative Party

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The Conservative Party leadership election has once again managed to catch the attention of mainstream media after rife accusations of improper membership sales were made by none other than would be leader Lisa Raitt. In a statement that was released by Ms. Raitt recently, the Canadian politician and frontrunner in the Conservative party leadership election made allegations of some members trying to cheat their way by accepting improper memberships for a fee. Ms. Raitt called upon the Conservative Party leadership to do more to protect the integrity of the election process, leading up to the cut-off date for membership submission.  

According to Raitt, all cheaters should be expelled from the race and their campaign should be heavily fined. The reason for Raitt’s comments is because those who break the rules actually discourage the involvement of other long standing party members, as well as new members who come to the conclusion that their votes will not carry any meaningful weight. Furthermore, cheaters are making a mockery of the commitments made by the Conservative Party members, to uphold the law during the elections.

Raitt also said that this act also exposes the Conservative Party to unnecessary ridicule, and could lead to significant sanctions from Elections Canada, which will not only undermine the credibility of the Conservative Party, but also that of Canadians. Cory Hann, Conservative Party spokesperson has said that the actions of all those who are participating in the elections are being closely looked at to ensure no illicit memberships are sold, which would undermine the outcome of the election, which is something that the Conservative Party does not want any part of. The participants in the Conservative Party leadership election have until March 28th to sign up as many members as they can to ensure their victory. Currently, there are more than 100,000 members of the Conservative Party, which has seen an increase of 18,000 members in the past months.


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