“What About Us?” Employers React to Trudeau Government’s New 18-Month Maternity Leave Plan

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The Liberal’s introduced their new 2017 budget, and along with it a few surprises for employees. According to the new Liberal plan, parental leave has been extended to 18 months, which is something that Canadian employers aren’t exactly thrilled about. New parents will now have the option to take leave for up to 18 months at a benefits rate of 33% of their average weekly earnings. So, basically Trudeau’s government wants to pay people for having babies.

While the traditional 12-month maternity leave plan is still in place and open to anybody who would want to avail it with the benefit rate of 55% of their earnings. But, to the realists, and more specifically employers, allowing employees to take such a long stretch of time away from their work will come with a series of problems for many Canadian businesses.

The main hurdle which will, without a doubt, be felt by employers is on reintegrating their employees who do take the full advantage of the 18 months. According to one business owner, 18 months is a long time, and will mean that employers will have to invest more in not only training the person who is temps who will be hired to fill their shoes, but also on retraining the employees who come back from the close to two-year long maternity leave.

Some other questions which have risen after the new plan was signed into law by the Trudeau Government is on the challenges which will be faced by employers who will have to give their employees leave for an 18-month stretch, then have them return, only to leave again for another 18-month long leave for baby number 2. While employees are happy about the new law, many people have raised similar concerns about the fate of businesses in Canada. This is yet another example of how Prime Minister Trudeau and his administration roll out half-cooked laws without giving any thought to the long term implications.


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