BREAKING: Liberals Set To Make Huge Announcement On Marijuana, Legal By July 1, 2018

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The liberal government has promised since their election campaign to legalize marijuana in Canada, now they have come to conclusion to legalize it by July 1, 2018.

Next month they will announce marijuana will be legalized in Canada just in time for the summer holidays, on July 1, 2018.

CBC reports:

CBC News has learned that the legislation will be announced during the week of April 10 and will broadly follow the recommendation of a federally appointed task force that was chaired by former liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan.

Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief who has been stickhandling the marijuana file for the government, briefed the Liberal caucus on the roll-out plan and the legislation during caucus meetings this weekend.

Provinces will have to control their sales and and four plant per household will be allowed.

Provincial governments will also have the right to set the price on sales.

Is this a move by Trudeau to buy more votes come next election? Polls have shown Trudeau dropping like a stone, this could be a stunt by the liberals to gain votes from young kids who will smoke and lose their thought process.

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