Canadians Want Justin Trudeau To Step Down

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The Canadian crowd has been furious with their Prime Minister, studies and polls suggest Trudeau and the liberal party is losing support by a long shot, Canadians have been signing petitions for the PM to step down.

Recently more Canadians have been angry since motion 103 has passed and many feel like their free speech has been infringed upon by the the liberal party, protesters have shown how they really feel about M-103, hundreds have come to together to protest against the motion which will eventually become law.

Trudeau has broken many promises and said he’s only doing what Canadians want, but we know that’s a lie, many polls have suggested Canadians are against M-103, but they still went ahead and pursued with it.

Canadians really want the PM to step down, many can’t wait until voting day on Oct. 19 2019, this petition says Trudeau broke many promises.

Justin Trudeau should resign as Canada’s Prime Minister because he’s not keeping any of his election promises. He’s not creating any jobs for Canadians just more and more taxes that Canadians don’t need.

The petition is going viral with 8,800 signatures and counting, 10,000 are needed to complete.

But will petitions help? That’s to be seen, if enough people sign it, so share this article on social media and and sign the petition.


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