New Study Shows That Canadians Are Not Happy With Prime Minister’s “Open Door” Immigration Policy

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A recent study that is based on public opinion shows that this year, there has been a huge surge in immigrants trying to enter Canada. The study covers just January and February of 2017 and reports that around 5,500 people have tried to cross into Canada. Due to PM Trudeau’s shout out to refugees, Canada has refused on 20% of immigrants and caught over a thousand people trying to cross the border illegally. Most of these refugees and immigrants belong to Africa and the Middle East and are seeking asylum here because they are afraid that the US government might send them back to their country.

The study also revealed that Canadians are not too happy about immigrants entering Canada illegally. In fact, they are downright scared. They believe that by granting asylum to everyone and anyone, their country is not safe anymore.

If this trend of accepting immigrants continues, by the end of this year, Canada will have at least 30,000 applications from people demanding refugee status.

Half of the people questioned said that PM Trudeau was not dealing with the issue in the right way and the same number of people said that immigrants should be returned to the US.

According to an interview done by Reuters, a woman named Jamie French who lives in Emerson, Manitoba having states of North Dakota and Minnesota on the south path of the town said that in February, sixteen immigrants came to her door in early morning. Even though there have been no reports on immigrants misbehaving with the local residents, people are still frightened by unexpected visits.  

People crossing into Canada on foot prove to be quite costly for the border towns. If some of these people are sick, it costs Emerson around $500 in helping them treat the problem. Although people are quite friendly and helpful towards the immigrants but the fear of getting robbed or break-ins for shelter forces them to be on guard always.


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