Brad Wall To Notley: I Don’t Need Your Budget Advice

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Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall stuck it to Alberta premier Rachel Notley and said he doesn’t need budget advice from the Alberta NDP. 

“With all due respect to Premier Notley, I’m really not interested in budgeting advice from her and from the Alberta NDP,” Wall said.

Before Notley promises to balance to budget after posting a 10 billion deficit, unicorns might be real said Wall. 

“All of this despite the fact that the last two years they’ve posted a $10 billion operating deficit … with no plan to get to balance other than maybe oil prices will come back or unicorns might prove to be real.”

Will the oilfield somewhat booming there’s still no sign of relief from Alberta due to carbon tax and other taxes not needed, Rachel Notley has killed many jobs and keeps on killing, Brad Wall is right and should never take advice from a failing government. 

Albertans are still scraping by even though there’s some work, there’s still many thousands of bills to be paid. 

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