Canadian Man’s License Plate Deemed Misogynistic

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Canadians have yet to learn not to take things out of context. Unfortunately there are some things that people might interpret differently and blow it out of proportions. Take this man for example; Lorne Grabher’s license plate became a huge issue when a woman driving behind him found it offensive.

Lorne Grabher has had this license plate since 1990, when he gave it as a present to his father. The name plate has been carried out proudly by three generations and is emblazoned with the family’s last name. The name plate has seven letters and is perfect for the license number.

Unfortunately, the name does look a bit awkward and controversial when broken into two words. The complaint came in December, after Donald Trump, who was first in the line as a presidential candidate, said something offensive about women. Realising his error, he apologized immediately and accused the media for deviating from the issues at hand.

The world got it but guess the Canadians are still a little behind. The seven letter license plate spells “GRABHER”, which might sound a bit misleading if a person spells it with a pause.

In January, Grabher got a letter from Registry of Motor Vehicles that said they were cancelling his plate. Nova Scotia’s transportation department spokesperson said that there was no way a name plate could say that the letters on it denoted a family name. The department believed that it was better if the plate was removed from circulation before it could spark any further debate.

Lorne Grabher’s son Troy Grabher has also the same license plate and this incident has left him worried that he might too have to lose the custom license plate. Lorne’s wife runs a consultancy firm which goes by the name “Grabher’s Consultancy”. The incident has left the family in turmoil all because a woman found the name plate misogynist. Can that even happen? Grabher believes that this incident might force him to change his name on the birth certificate just because his name plate offended a woman.


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