China Wants To Take Over Canada’s Economy And Import It’s Workers

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Chinese state-owned companies want total access to Canada in free trade talks and import their workers to work in factories taken over by China.

China’s ambassador says the government wants to avoid discussing human rights issues in fear it could ruin the deal.

China could also block Canadian companies from their own property in fear of security when bringing their own workers to those factories and construction sites.

The Chinese government will take advantage of Justin Trudeau’s soft side.

This report from HP:

Canada’s ambassador to China, John McCallum, told the CBC that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “is very clear that we want to pursue stronger ties with China. We think that in the medium term this will lead to more Canadian jobs.”

Many trade experts point out that the vast majority of China’s largest corporations are state-run enterprises whose executives are often hand-picked by government.

They also note that China’s notion of “full access” to an economy could be very broad. As the foreign policy blog OpenCanada notes, China’s 2015 free trade deal with Australia includes a provision that allows Chinese companies to bring their own employees into the country to work on projects, so long as those projects are worth more than AUD$150 million.

Charles Burton, an associate political science professor at Brock University, says bringing their own workers abroad is “normal practice” for Chinese companies.

“It’s not as if [the Chinese] would be asking something of Canada that they don’t expect from other countries,” he said.

By doing this China would have total control over the Canadian economy, and Trudeau may let it happen.



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