Canadian Magazine in the Line of Fire for Showing a Tamil Bride with a Huge Slit in Her Saree

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A Canadian magazine that focuses on South Asian culture has sparked a huge online debate because of its cover photo that features a woman in a saree dressed as a Tamil bride. The point of debate was the slit in the saree that does not fit with the South Asian culture. “Jodi” magazine’s cover photo was shared on the social media on March 13 and since then, has provoked various views on Facebook and Twitter.

The cover photo shows Thanuska Subramaniam, a South Asian model who is sitting on a throne-like chair that is decorated with flowers. The traditional wedding attire’s slit is the point of attraction and is what has drawn different reactions. The issue touched in the magazine is “Be Bold. Be the Change.”. Unfortunately, it didn’t resonate with many South Asians.

Some called the picture “Tasteful and beautiful” while others called it “a mockery of our culture”. A user on Facebook commented, “Please show me somewhere where a legitimate Tamil bride dresses like this . . . way to make a mockery of our culture.”

Twitter had similar reactions, where one user tweeted, “Try a stunt like that with a burka and you will know the result!”

Another anonymous user commented, “Make your daughter pose like that if that’s what boldness of feminism is all about”.

However, where the cover was bombarded with negative comments, some people defended the magazine by saying that it was a Canadian based magazine and people shouldn’t be angry about something that is not happening in their country.

Some users even said that a culture is something that cannot be trapped in a moment. It is something that is constantly changing and evolving and people should learn to adapt.

This is the first time that Canada has touched on such a delicate issue without thinking about the repercussions. The editors are extremely happy with the outcome of the magazine’s cover but are also sending out the message that bullying the dress and the model is unacceptable.


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