Canadian Muslims Worried About Facing Criticism after London Attack

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With recent attacks in UK, which may have been carried out by a jihadist or ISIS group member, comes the worry of backlash from around the world. Canadian Muslims are worried that these attacks might put them in a delicate situation where they will be viewed as terrorists once again.

Despite M-103, a motion that condemns Islamophobia, which passed last Thursday, Canadian Muslims are still on guard. In Vancouver, an Imam says that though he condemns the recent terror attacks in London, he shouldn’t do so. His stance is “why should Muslims apologize for something when they were not a part of it?”

He has pointed out that Muslims from everywhere have taken a stand when it comes to ISIS. They have declared that they are not a part of ISIS. However, despite their declaration, Muslims are held responsible for any terror attack around the world that might hint at Islamic extremism.

The Imam says that when an individual Christian commits a hate crime, their entire community is not condemned for that individual’s actions. Sadly, other faith groups, especially Muslims are not given this freedom.

He says that he does not want any kind of special treatment but wants to be fairly judged and treated in the same way as other religious sects.

A recent poll has shown that around 42% of the people say that they would have voted against M-103. While the Muslims might have taken a sigh of relief, Canadians are still worried about their freedom of speech, which portrays them as self-centred.  

Terror attacks such as these give stereotypical opinions leeway, resulting in shaming of Muslims. One only has to scroll through social media websites to see what a negative impact it is having on people all over the world. The Imam says that if people can separate their religion from an individual terror attack carried out by their own national then, why not view Muslims in the same light?


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