Canadians Believe That M-103 Condemning Islamophobia Will Impede Freedom of Speech

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Last Thursday, M-103, a motion that condemns Islamophobia was passed, which gave Canadian Muslims some relief that they no longer would be viewed as the prime suspect of hate crimes carried around in US, UK and Canada by non-Muslims.

However, some Canadians are not too happy about the motion. They believe that the motion could muzzle their freedom of speech as it might lead to the religion itself being viewed as part of the motion. Islamophobia has been with us since the 1970s but was not viewed much of a social and religious issue. The term came to the forefront in the past few years and has since been wreaking havoc on the lives of many Muslims.

According to the House of Commons, M-103 states that they condemn “Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”.

The motion was introduced by Iqra Khalid, the MP representing Mississauga riding. Apart from condemning Islamophobia, the motion’s text also urges the House of Commons to eliminate religious discrimination and systematic racism. It also urges federal government to further study hate crimes by collecting data on these types of incidents.

Though conservative MPs were not against the motion, they did object to its wording. Garnett Genuis, a conservative MP said that it’s the peoples’ right to criticize the history, practice or doctrine of any religion and this motion stops them from raising their voice.

From a sample size of 1,511 people, 42% said that they would have voted against the motion, 29% supported the decision and the remaining 29% said that it was not a matter of concern to them.

No matter how much of a united front PM Trudeau might show, Canadians are not too eager to accept any change in their country. Though Khalid’s motion does not change any existing laws, Canadians still want their freedom of speech, even if it means criticizing others just on the basis of what kind of religion they follow.


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