Is The Anti-Islamophobia Motion Biased? Canada Takes a Stand For and Against M-103

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Canada has been under scrutiny since PM Trudeau promised high wages, equal rights for women, protecting journalist’s freedom of speech and now for M-103. In short: Canada has been under scrutiny since Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister.

The world likes to point out things that capture its attention, and that is why Canada is right now being watched closely. Last Thursday, Canada passed the anti-Islamophobia (M-103) motion, which sparked a debate on how the motion was being phrased. Today, the Canadian government has taken a stand for Muslims and is telling the world about how much they matter to them. Though, PM Trudeau is struggling to show Canada as a symbol of hope for diversity and inclusivity, the symbolic message has failed to reach several Canadian hearts.

Hate crimes have been increasing in Canada year by year and critics believe that they don’t see a change coming anytime soon. Recent crimes such as the shooting in the Quebec city Mosque where 14 Muslims were killed, Canadians holding signs outside the Mosque that say “Muslims are terrorist,” McGill and Concordia Universities receiving bomb threats because of Muslims on site, and the list goes on. Then there’s the vandalisation of Mosques and people being treated cruelly based on their looks and beliefs.

The reason why Canadians are not too eager to accept M-103 is because they believe the motion specifically refers to Muslims and Islam. They believe that Islam is being given precedence over other religions. However, the House of Commons say that they have included “all forms of systemic racism,” thus including other religions too.

According to a survey conducted by Angus Reid Institute, one out of ten people believe that M-103 will have any real impact on how Muslims are treated and viewed. The fact that 91 MPs voted against M-103 shows that Canada does not stand with the Muslims or fully understand the importance of how hate crimes can affect a person.

One might say that Canadians are biased when it comes to their religion. Meaning: When a Christian or a Jew commits a hate crime, the individual is blamed rather than the entire community. However, the same does not stand for Muslims, as their entire cast is labelled as ‘terrorists’.


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