Karim Baratov’s Parents Speak out on Their Son’s Unjust Arrest over Alleged Yahoo! Hack

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Karim Baratov, the man who was arrested for the biggest cyber crime in the history is being portrayed as a ‘kind and quiet’ person by his parents. Baratov’s parents, Akhmet Tokbergenov and Dinara Tokbergenova say that their son knows they would die if for any reason he left them. The important point that was missing from their interview was whether they believed he committed the crime or not.

When news broke out of the accounts hacked that involved FBI’s most wanted criminal for cyber crimes and two Russian intelligence officers, several firms denied receiving security services from Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russian Federation.

It is believed that the hacking began in 2014 and FSB had a hand in the breach. At the end of 2016, US officials got wind of the cyber attacks and started an investigation.

What tipped the US officials of Baratov’s involvement were his Facebook posts. In one picture, Baratov can be seen posing with a Mercedes and Ashton Martin. After being suspended from school, he started posting how he was working on his online projects and taking it towards success. Not once, in any of his posts does he talk about what kind of business he is running. In another post he wrote that how he had paid his mortgage and was driving a BMW while being a high school student.

Baratov’s parents have dismissed his posts and pictures as bragging and are insisting that their son be released from jail. According to his parents, Baratov was not living an extravagant life and was just trying to create an image. When asked about what kind of business he operates, Mr. Tokbergenov said “He is an entrepreneur and is very good in web designing”.

Along with having Canadian citizenship, Mr. Tokbergenov also has Kazakh citizenship. Kazakh was once a part of the Soviet Union but now is an independent state. Baratov parents say that they are not Russians, despite having a full grasp of Russian language. Mr. Tokbergenov travels to Russia for business purposes but claims that he has never taken his son with him.