Canada’s Immigration Minister Busy Campaigning in the by-elections as Tension at the Border Rises

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Ahmed Hussen was elected as Canada’s Immigration Minister early in January. While he may look like a beacon of hope, the choices he has made thus far are certainly not doing the country any good. His refusal to putting a hold on the Safe Third Country agreement and not using a Canadian value test might be the last thing we hear before Canada is overrun by refugees.

In 2015, Canada provided asylum for 40,000 Syrian refugees. Since then, the number has risen significantly and includes people coming for the US, Iraq, Iran, Honduras, Mexico and Afghanistan.
The problem is, most of these people seeking asylum do not have visas and usually enter US illegally and then walk on foot through the Peace Arch Park to the Canadian border.

While tension at the border rises, Ahmed Hussen is busy campaigning and welcoming all refugees. The problem was made even bigger when last week PM Trudeau announced that Canada’s doors are open to all. The post left several Canadian’s at unease about welcoming people who might steal their jobs and pose a threat.

While the border is in pure chaos, Hussen walked through the Somali neighbourhood in Toronto and helped with trivial things such as helping out at the neighbourhood’s kitchen, touring with his family or just shaking hands with people on the street. Last Wednesday, he was busy shaking hands with refugees at the citizenship ceremony, which is where he told the reporters that though the number of people seeking asylum has significantly increased, they have a system in place to deal with it and are doing well.

However, if we look at the numbers, these past two months alone, 1,134 refugees have been detained while trying to enter Canada illegally. Over the past 24 days, 77 people have asked for Canadian citizenship and 80% of them walked happily across the border.

This type of attitude and Hussen’s and PM Trudeau’s ‘open door’ invite is the reason why people like Srikajamukan Chelliah are smuggling people illegal into the US and Canada.


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